If you’ve found yourself on this page because you’ve googled “Women 3D Printing” in an attempt to Weird-Science yourself a girlfriend, you’re about to be disappointed.

We’re not that type of place.

Beulah is a blog at the intersection of DIY, craft, and tech.

We’re sick and tired of being the token girls in the room at our local Makerspaces and we’re definitely over a world where typing “For Women” into the search bar of a popular 3D printing marketplace brings up endless pages of figurines of naked ladies with racks that make Dolly Parton look like a preteen boy.

3D printing and related digital design technologies are giving us an opportunity to design our lives from the ground up. Beulah is a place to explore that, to use this tool to make the things we think are beautiful, to make things we love, the things we want, the things we need.

The stakes are high, ladies. These technologies are going to change the way we design and consume- let’s make sure there’s no 3D printed ceiling when we get there.


Our name is inspired by Beulah Louise Henry (1887-1973).  Known as “Lady Edison” back in her day, Beulah held 49 patents and is credited with over 100 inventions, ranging from her first in 1912, a vacuum ice cream freezer to a bobbinless sewing machine to a doll with eyes that changed color from blue to brown.

Any lady who devotes even a tiny bit of her life to the betterment of ice cream and the frozen dessert industry certainly deserves our adulation for that alone, but we especially love the way that, in an age when American women still didn’t have the right to vote, Beulah was killing it as an OG Girl Boss.

beulah portrait

Self-taught as an inventor, she sold her idea for an umbrella with interchangeable snap-on covers for 50 Gs and opened her own lab, where she directed a crew of mechanical engineers and model makers. Her inventions were usually designed around the lives and needs of women at the time, and she was a savvy businesswoman who actually, you know, made money off her ideas. She absolutely would have killed on QVC, and that’s a fact.

A woman who was self-taught, inventive, economically self-sufficient, and not afraid to mix it up in a male-dominated field… we could all stand to be more like Beulah.


“I invent because I cannot help it.”- Beulah Louise Henry


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