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If you poke around this site, you’ll see a lot of references and links to Collected Edition.

Daisy Ring- Collected Edition copyI started working on projects under the name Collected Edition in 2013, this current iteration came to life in 2015. I gathered up all my experience as a designer and added a pinch of tech, and voila- the Greenhouse collection of floral-inspired jewelry and accessories was born.

When I’m feeling fancy, this is what I say about the work:

By combining 3D modeling and printing with an eye trained in couture methods and bespoke design, Collected Edition creates feminine and delicate nature-inspired pieces that retain a sense of the human touch.

Although I don’t make a habit of using sentences like that in my day-to-day, it does sum up the mission pretty well. I find the relationship between the natural and the manmade fascinating- which is why I continually gravitate towards flowers and plants as a theme in my work. Their temporary and constantly changing beauty is a constant inspiration. Trying to capture those fleeting moments is the ultimate design challenge, and a quarry worthy of the chase.


Because I don’t use any 3D scanning or generative design, I find the process of creating each flower to be almost meditative. For me, that’s a state that’s hard to come by- we had a class in elementary school called “life skills” that always started with 5 minutes of meditation, set to recorded pan flute music. I always hated it, and when we had to write how we felt during meditation, I would write, “Angry” or “Mad that we had to listen to the pan flute again.” So the fact that I can sit for hours just considering a stamen or manipulating a petal is pretty indicative of that transformative power of 3D modeling. It sounds very, very, cheesy, but by paying homage to these plants and working in their likeness, I do feel closer to nature.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that many of these pieces are things I’ve been dreaming about for years. Previous attempts at similar products yielded less than satisfactory results or proved to be prohibitively expensive for both the business and our customers. That’s the best thing about 3D modeling and the accessibility of 3D printing- the things that seemed impossible can be real.

And when you finally can hold the impossible in your hands- well, that is a pleasure and a joy all its own.


Check out more of my work on Shapeways, Etsy, and the Collected Edition store.





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